Taiwan Boardgame Design

カンフー・はりねずみ Kung Fu Hedgehog



プレイ人数 2〜6人 プレイ時間15〜分
対象年齢6歳〜 価格2,000円
発売時期2016春 予約 不可
ゲームデザインPoki Chen, Jed Lin イラスト・DTPPoki Chen


君の羊の群れを率いて勇気を持って前へ進め、前方に潜伏しているこっそり羊を食べようとする大きな野生のオオカミに気を付けろ。オオカミがやってきた、どうしよう。 恐れるな!君のカンフーはりねずみを派遣して、オオカミ達に尻尾を巻かせよう!
無事ピンチを切り抜けるよう幸運と知恵が君を助けてくれますように。ゴールで羊の皮を被ったオオカミがかぶりつこうと待っているのを忘れるなよ!Lead your sheep forward fearlessly, but beware of wolves ambushed ahead to snatch them in secret. What if wolves come? Don't panic, send kung fu hedgehog out and they will flee away.
Herd sheep with ease? Resist the wolves? Show your knack! May luck and wisdom with you to survive the crisis. Remember, the wolves in sheep's clothing are coveting after a buffet at the finish line!

Kung Fu Hedgehog is a risk assessment game which needs luck and simple strategies. Each player owns some sheep and takes turn to draw a card which is either a tranquil grassland or wolf attacks. Before drawing a card, players can decide to send out a sheep or a hedgehog. If the player sends sheep out and draw a card of grassland, then the sheep will give birth to her lambs. And if a player sends hedgehog out and draw a card of wolf attacks, then the player's sheep herds will be protected against the wolf.

During the game, if a player draws a card of wolf attacks, then he can get the wolf card as Kung Fu Hedgehog Card to influence the game in due course.
The game ends when one player loses all his sheep, and the player with the most sheep wins. Or, if the entire deck of cards has been exhausted, the player with the least sheep turns out to be the wolf in sheep's clothing and wins the game instead.