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[In Eng.]SUSHI BENTO(スシベントー)【Nov.14 キ10】




プレイ人数 2〜6人 プレイ時間20〜60分
対象年齢6歳〜 価格2,300円
発売時期2020秋 予約 不可
ゲームデザイン我奈妻 イラスト・DTPdwarfs



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1. What is the brain placement game "SUSHI BENTO"?
2. Part of the sales will be donated to the future fishery industry in Japan.
3. What kind of game?
4. Booth location of the Game Market 2020 autumn
5. Box graphic
6. Package contents
7. Component detail
8. (To be updated) Introducing basic rules
9. Reservation / Sales rules

■1. What is the brain placement game "SUSHI BENTO"?


"SUSHI BENTO" is a "thinking party game" for people who are not that good at thinking when doing party games. We all become sushi chefs and pack colorful sushi in the lunch box.

Pack as many "sushi cards" in your hand as you can, into the lunch box.
If you can't place out the card, the sushi left in your hand will rot.
Let’s pick up and eat the "Neta Cube" placed by other players and fill your stomach.

What kind of card should I choose and where should I put it?

That move may give other players an edge.
Perhaps that move will drive you later.
You can easily enjoy this game as if you are eating sushi and with a tingling seduction like wasabi.

Put your thoughts on the card and place the best move.
This is a "brain placement" game.

●Age: 6+ years old
●Player: 2-6 people
●Time: 20 mins per 1 round

■2.Part of the sales will be donated to the future fishery industry in Japan.

We are planning to donate part of the sales received from "SUSHI BENTO" to Japanese fisheries and related organizations.

We’re not saying “Save the Japanese sea with a board game!”.

This is a little game from a little club.
There’s not that much profit and the amount that can be donated is not much.

Us enjoying making board games.
Have everyone enjoy board games.
We tried to put a little "good thing" in between the cycle.

We’re not saying you should buy it to save the fishery and the environment.
When you bought "SUSHI BENTO", we hope you can feel that you have contributed to a good thing, just a little.

※If there are any resales in the future, we have not yet decided to continue.

■3. What kind of game?

No words: ★★★★★ (No language needed! Play with anyone in the world ?!)
Lucky: ★☆☆☆☆ (You can't win with luck. Your thoughts are tested.)
Tingling: ★★★★ ☆ (Placing one card is very annoying ...)
Party: ★★★★★ (Not that heavy & not that light. You can enjoy even if it is annoying)

【Recommended for people that are...】
●A beginner in board games! Those who want to play various games
This game can be used when playing with beginners of board games and those who are not accustomed to heavy games such as thinking / strategy games.

●Those who want to try thinking / strategy games
For those who would like to play a thinking game but not the heavy games that take hours. Not too light. But not too heavy.

●Those who are looking for something to play as a side dish the party game
After enjoying exciting games such as word games and joking games, this can be used for a little cool down.

●Those who want to enjoy language free games
There are no letters on the cards (although a few numbers are written).
A universal game that anyone can play (as long as you get the rules).

●Those who want to play with their children at home
When playing with children who has gained the ability to think.
As parents you can ease up a little for your children or you all can get serious with no slack-offs.

●Those who want to eat sushi recently
Want to eat sushi. But you can't. 
When you want to immerse yourself in the mood of sushi, just with the game ...
*Caution: This game is made of paper. You cannot eat it.

■4. Booth location in Game Market 2020 autumn

・ The booth location at the game market venue will be "Saturday キ20".
・ Please note it will be held only on Saturday, November 14th.
・ Due to the Game Market management policy, there is no testing table at our booth. Only for sale.

■5. Box graphic
We did not want to have a design with the typical Japanese decoration, just because the theme is sushi.
The design is finished in pink. The sushi drawn is also a stylish design.
Do you know which sushi each represents?

■6. Package contents

・ 36 sushi cards (6 colors 6 each)
・ 30 neta cubes (6 colors 5each)
・ 5 gari cubes
・ Manuals one copy with 2 pages (Japanese / English)

* The content above is planned at the time of announcement (11/3). Changes may occur in the future.
* There is also an English version of the manual so more people can enjoy!

■7. Component detail
With the pop and cute design, please enjoy the game.
Cards are language-independent. You can easily enjoy, if you know the rules. 

Cards and cubes represent the sushi below.
Blue…Hamachi/Young yellowtail
Brown…Conger eel

■ 8.Introducing basic rules
Below introduction will be the basic rules. Please check the instructions in the package for details. 

【How to enjoy the game】
・This game is designed as a thinking party game to let you carefully think of the immediate impacts of your card placement. Depending on how you place a Sushi Card, the next player is directly affected on how to play. Even if you are not good at strategic games where you have to examine several moves and tactics in advance, you can still enjoy this game as the entry point.
・Play three rounds for the first time. It may take some rounds to fully understand how to effectively earn points.

①Decide how many rounds you want to play. Three rounds are recommended while you can still enjoy the game by one round.
②Line up Neta*1 Cubes randomly in two rows (15 cubes per row). Neta Cubes are red, blue, yellow, brown, white and green. It is suggested to arrange cubes with the same colour not placed next to each other – as much as possible.
③Shuffle all Sushi Cards face-down and deal them all to the players. When there are five players, one card will be left and will not be used in the round.
④Place Gari*2 Cubes (pink) at somewhere reachable by every player. This is called “stock”.
⑤All players check their Sushi Cards dealt. Note that you should not show your cards to anyone until you are dropped out of the round.
⑥Decide the start player as you like. 

【Gameplay (Actions)】
Each player’s turn is made up of Nigiri*3, Tsumami-gui*4 and Effect phases. You can make a complaint (this will be called “Complaint action”) during another player’s turn.
You must drop off the round when there is a need to pass your turn when you cannot place any card or when you attempt to skip your turn without placing any cards.

●Nigiri Phase
You need to fill Sushi Cards as many as possible into the bento box (on the field) otherwise the Sushi Cards left in your hands would rot, earning you penalty points.

①Choose one Sushi Card from your hands, and place it face-up.
②For placing the Sushi Cards, follow the Placement Rules (PRs) as below:

PR-1: When placing the Sushi Cards, the length of the cards (landscape or portrait) should be matched. As long as the length are matched, you can place the cards upside down.

PR-2: Sushi Cards should be placed within six-by-six grid, which is fixed when the sixth card in the column/row is placed.

PR-3: In the same column or row, the colour of the Sushi Cards should be unique to each other.

PR-4: Baran (a grass partition) of the Sushi Card you place has to be connected at least at one side of Sushi Cards.

● Tsumami-gui phase
You should try sneaking the left-behind Sushi (Neta Cubes) so you can earn victory points.
①Follow the Baran path from the Sushi Card you placed in this turn, and find Neta Cubes on the other cards (connected with the Baran path).
②If you find Neta Cube(s) of the same colour with the Sushi Card you just placed in this turn, you can earn the Neta Cube(s) as your own points. For example, you may place a red card (Maguro) to target a red cube, or a brown card (Anago) to target a brown cube. 
③If you placed a Sushi Card with a small cup (for soy sauce) in the Nigiri phase earlier, pick a Neta Cube(s) as many as suggested in the small cup of the Sushi Card from either end of the two rows and put it on the Sushi Card you placed. 

※The colour of Neta Cube you choose does not have to match with the Sushi Card you placed.

●Effect phase
Depending on how you pack your sushi into the bento box, you may be able to exercise two  different kinds of effects as below

①Skip: You can name one of the other players to be skipped for the next turn when the “←” and “→” signs of the card you just placed are matched with the adjacent one. When the signs of the both sides of the card you just placed are matched with the adjacent ones, you can name two players to be skipped. Skip cannot be applied when the named player has been already skipped and its effect has not been resolved.
※When you are skipped, place your Sushi Cards face-down. When your turn comes, you cannot play your Sushi Card, and get the cards back in your hands and process the “turn end” as below.

②Lined-up bonus: If a row or column of the six-by-six grid is completed with the six cards being distinct colours by the card you just placed, you can earn a Gari Cube. 

●Turn end
Your turn ends after you finish Nigiri, Tsumamigui and Effect phases. Name the next player from the ones with the most Sushi Cards in their hands except yourself.(Exclude player who dropped out of the game.)

●Complaint Action
Keep focused even during the other player’s turns. You “can” earn a Gari Cube as a reward by pointing out an incorrect card placement of the other players. In case there is no Gari Cube in the stock, you “can” give one of any Sushi Cards in your hands to the one who made the mistake (We have noted “can” here, it’s up to you. We highly recommend being nice especially for beginners). Then the one who made the mistake will play over again from the Nigiri phase. You can take this action even if you are dropped out from the round or you have finished your Sushi Cards in your hands.

●Game End
When no one can place Sushi Cards any longer, the round comes to an end and calculate the victory points of each player. After scoring, prepare for the next round. If this is your final round, add up all the points of the rounds you played. The player with the highest points is the winner of the game. As the number of rounds increase, the more wide the difference of the increase and decrease becomes, which makes hope in a turnaround even if you have lost in the first round.

*1 (Neta) the fish or topping of the rice (Shari)
*2 (Gari) the pickled thinly sliced ginger
*3 (Nigiri) to shape the fish or topping and rice into Sushi with hands
*4 (Tsumami-gui) to snitch food in the middle of cooking 

■ 9. Reservation / sales rules

"SUSHI BENTO" will be produced in small lots.
Please note we will not take any reservation requests at the Game Market 2020 autumn. 

【Sales rules】
Based on the fact that the next Game market admission is restricted by time frames,
(Details of admission in Japanese ⇒ https://gamemarket.jp/information/177235)

We will sell the stock in two time frames as follows so those who participate from the afternoon section also have the opportunity to purchase.

① Regular sales: Inventory that is commonly sold both morning and afternoon
② Afternoon priority frame: Inventory that will start selling from the afternoon (14:00)

Therefore, we will not be out of stock at the time of admission to the afternoon section (Part 4).
However, since we produce only in small lots, please note the amount prepared for "Afternoon priority frame" will be a few.

For the games below, we are selling as regular sale (first-come-first-served basis starting from the morning).
New sensation word game "O-E-A-N-A?(おえあんあ?)"
The 10-count hunting game "You shoot and I bury(君が撃て 俺が葬る)"

* Please note that the exhibition will be held only on Saturday. We are not exhibiting on Sunday.

【Regarding COVID-19 and Social Distancing】
● What we do
・ Before participating, we will check our temperature and make sure we are in good physical condition.
・ Wearing masks.
・ Using sanitizers.
・ Members who have been infected or had close contact with someone who got infected will not participate.
(The exhibition may be canceled if a high amount of staff are not able to participate on that day because of COVID-19.)

● What we would like to ask our customers
* We ask for your cooperation in preventing COVID-19 clusters for the entire game market.
・ Please check your temperature before entering the venue on the day of the event and make sure that you are in good physical condition.
・ If you have had close contact with your family or acquaintances who are infected, please consider declining admission.
・ Please wear a mask.
・ Please wash your hands and sanitize your hands after playing at other booths.
(Our booth does not have a trial table, but we plan to have a trial at a large booth.)

● Precautions when a waiting line is generated
At the time of purchase, please keep social distance and cooperate with the alignment.
When a considerable number of lines occur, we stop selling once and may restart after a while.


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